Call of Duty: Vanguard video game to offer a different kind of strategy for gamers

Call of Duty: Vanguard video game to offer a different kind of strategy for gamers

The next iteration of the popular video game delves into equality and diversity in WWII

Being able to get new experiences in recently released games makes the excitement of playing them even greater. Something like that is being promised by the upcoming game “Call of Duty: Vanguard.” In addition to transporting players back to World War II, the latest entrant in the multimillion-selling franchises promises different perspectives on the global conflict, which makes players have to implement strategies that are out of the box.

Expected to launch on November 5 for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox X / S Series, Xbox One and PC, that diversity of perspectives is what you see displayed front and center in the game’s main characters. The team includes Russian Lt. Polina Petrova and Sgt. Arthur Kingsley, who is the black sniper. They are also accompanied by their squad mates, Australian explosives expert Lucas Riggs, Brooklyn-born pilot Wade Jackson, identified as a first-generation American, and second-in-command Sgt. Richard Webb. This team, considered a precursor to the Special Forces units we see today, joins forces for a mission to enter Berlin and foil a German plan to establish a Fourth Reich.

After having made a more traditional game like Call of Duty WWII a few years ago, the creators of the game at Activision-owned Sledgehammer Games decided to weave in some more familiar World War II stories and add an extra ingredient to the exciting adventure that players have to undertake in order to be successful.

Many players have been able to experience through this franchise the atmosphere that has been experienced in past major wars. In fact, the first three Call of Duty games, released starting in 2003 for Windows PCs, were set in World War II and gave players the opportunity to fight their way through the Battle of the Bulge, and D-Day. Since then, the development of these games has gone up a level that never ceases to amaze players.

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