‘badlucktou’ is last man standing in $5 Million Venom PKO

‘badlucktou’ is last man standing in $5 Million Venom PKO

The third Venom PKO in our history ended this past Wednesday night with the final table and the tourney was once again considered a huge “knockout”.

The $5 Million GTD Venom PKO is the ultimate fight on the felt, and in more ways than one. This edition finished with a $5,802,500 final prize pool, thanks to the 2,321 total entrants who paid the $2,650 buy-in.

And when we made it to the final table, it consisted of eight players from 5 countries. Check out how much each player took home, including bounties:

badlucktou (Russia): $411,687 + $304,408 in bounties
‘jumping gn (Canada): $411,667 + $100,417 in bounties
YoAsakura (Germany): $262,273 + $57,868 in bounties
Miral777 (USA): $189,161 + $4,531 in bounties
SirRunALot (Brazil): $136,358 + $25,517 in bounties
lampiao23 (Brazil): $103,574 + $18,750 in bounties
Stackedbrightfutur (USA): $72,531 + $16,542 in bounties
Wizazo (USA): $50,771 + $40,502 in bounties

Did you forget to stream the Final Table live?  Then why not watch it on demand? It was hosted by Chris Moneymaker, Michael Loncar and Justin Kelly on Twitch here:

If you can’t wait for more Venom action (and who could blame you?), then you’ll be pleased to know that the next Venom is just around the corner, with the dates announced soon. It will be another Hold’em edition and could have a guarantee of $10 Million or more. Remember, every Venom tourney comes with that same $2,650 buy-in.

Keep checking back to the Big Blind Blog for more info about our Venom tourneys and everything else going on at the site.

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