Amazon takes the top spot in the video game realm with New World

Amazon takes the top spot in the video game realm with New World

Amazon Game Studios is new on the market, but is already attracting a lot of attention

While it is true that Amazon is recognized worldwide for being the leader in many areas with respect to eCommerce, now its business has already achieved new success in a subject that is not at all related to the traditional. Last week, Amazon Game Studios, the company’s video game development arm, unveiled a new computer game called “New World,” which has so far captivated the gaming community, ranking as the most popular game on Steam this year.

This game gives players the chance to explore and develop a virtual colony reminiscent of Colonial America but with a twist. The online game has already become a hit on Steam, the most popular online marketplace for PC games. According to reports, New World has averaged hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players on the platform since its introduction.

By its opening day, the game had over 700,000 concurrent users, making its debut one of the most successful on Steam. As if that wasn’t enough, it was also reported that there have been stories of lineups of up to 10,000 players simply waiting to play.

Should New World maintain this steady pace and continue to trend upward over the next few months, it is possible that it will begin to reach the levels reached by “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” “World of Warcraft” and even “Fortnite.” While it is true that the revenue generated by gaming is not the same as that achieved by the larger eCommerce or cloud services for Amazon, it can generate revenue for the corporation directly.

Undoubtedly, this is an important step for Amazon, which has sought to succeed in the gaming community. Through New World, it seems that this goal is finally being achieved. It is a relief for the company after its failed attempt with “Crucible,” which was pulled from the market a few months after its release due to a poor response from gamers.

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