Alleged EA employee steals Apex Legends player’s account

Alleged EA employee steals Apex Legends player’s account

An Apex Legends game claims an account worth more than $3,000 was taken over

According to allegations from an Apex Legends player, a person claiming to be an EA employee has completely taken over his account valued at over $3,000. The alleged thief is said to have had no difficulty in carrying out this action as he apparently had supreme access to the player’s account, in addition to his various forms of communication.

According to what has been reported so far, a person claiming to work for the game developer took advantage of a lengthy exchange on the European ranked server to steal an Apex player’s account. The account had a large amount of monetary value invested in it as, according to the player, it contained a large number of in-game items ranging from requested relics to predator badges. It appears that the alleged thief, once he committed the crime, changed all of the account information to ensure that it would be impossible for the player to recover.

The victim gave an explanation of the developments via Origi’s official subreddit. Reddit user karankhushalani has spent the last few days giving a detailed explanation of the whole process, starting with how they got to know the player, and how the account was subsequently taken from his hands.

“[The] day before yesterday, I met this random guy while playing rank on EU servers who was very impressed by my apex legends account,” karankhushalani said. Apparently, the gamer begged them to show the account via live stream to appreciate the Reddit user’s cosmetics which had him open-mouthed. Sometime after the account owner took a break, he realized that his account was “currently in use” and that the other player had blocked him.

The victim went through the usual process: contacting EA customer service, but recovery was virtually impossible as the alleged thief performed the same act again, deactivating the account, changing the email address, and reactivating it again. Customer service agents say that the problem is most likely not related to an EA employee, but that an investigation will be launched to find the perpetrator of these actions.

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