A Sony patent could revolutionize the eSports industry if accepted

A Sony patent could revolutionize the eSports industry if accepted

A new patent filing by Sony shows a system that would allow players to be booted mid-game

Sony, in addition to being one of the most recognized entertainment companies globally, has also been on the lips of many for the great innovations presented through its new patents. The company has always strived to be at the forefront, and to the good fortune of eSports, a new patent application from Sony could change the industry completely, of course, as long as it gets the go-ahead. Sony hopes this new patent will change the way gamers interact with each other while enjoying online games.

The application was submitted last Tuesday, and contains a patent that proposes a “method for displaying a video game to viewers [that] includes receiving votes from viewers to eliminate a player from a video game.” In simpler words, viewers would adapt to a “Big Brother” format in which, after analyzing an eSports game, they would be given the power to eliminate or temporarily bench a player through a vote. In addition to this, the patent also clarifies that “visual cues” could be included to indicate that a player had been removed from the game while explaining why the decision was made.

The patent was given the task of analyzing many of the different ways that a viewer could hypothetically evict a player from an online game, which means that there is a chance that Sony did not go into the fine details of how such a system would work and therefore decided to cover all available options.

One of Sony’s proposed methods of getting rid of gamers was that viewers could pay for the privilege of kicking someone out of a game. Should Sony decide on this method of voting, paying to kick someone out of a game could become a near reality, and the world of eSports will never be seen in the same light again.

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