This Sunday Recap Deserves a Standing Ovation

This Sunday Recap Deserves a Standing Ovation

This past Sunday, August 5th we kicked of our extension of our month long Online Super Series Cub3d with the OSS Cub3d Encore! This series will include 75 additional events guaranteeing over $8 million.

The inaugural Sunday of the Encore did not disappoint with epic prize pools, hundreds of thousands won, and non-stop tourney action.

Here’s who came out on top of the biggies:

$1k Buy-in $500k GTD (2 Day Event)

We had 694 players pony up a dime to compete in this big buy-in event. 105 made it through to duke it out in day 2. All these players are guaranteed a $2k min cash and with a $694k prize pool, first place should be taking home an impressive sum of dough. Check out the poker client to see the results.

$109 Buy-in $400k GTD Warm-up

Talk about bang for your buck. No need to be breaking the bank to compete for life-changing money. Our warm-up eclipsed the guarantee with a hefty $431,300 prize pool. Our winner fired 6 bullets, but considering he took home over 65k, you can’t argue that his never-say-die gunslinger style didn’t pan out for him.

1. Dramamaker $68,676
2. Igrindallday7 $50,462
3. LeoDiSnaprio $37,091

$215 buy-in $400k GTD Sunday Special

Remember when we used to struggle to hit a $50k GTD Sunday Special? My how far we’ve come. Another massive Sunday Special is in the books with 2,124 entrants vying to take home the top prize of almost $70k.

1. Team4bewt $69,327
2. GunsUpHandsDown $51,528
3. 2win $38,444

*GunsUpHandsDown deserves the payday based solely on his clever choice of screen names.

$630 Buy-in $250k GTD

Judging by the fact that over 600 people bought into this big-ticket event, Bitcoin must’ve had a hell of a year.

1. Down2Muck $68,607
2. HelicopterRides $50,275
3. WSOPME2055 37,026

If you missed out yesterday, don’t worry, Sunday was only the first act of this Encore. We’ve still got 13 days of epic tournament action ahead of us including a $1 Million Main Event. Check out our daily featured events or jump on the poker client to see what’s happening now.

It’s non-stop all day every day so don’t miss out!

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