Sony Interactive buys Liverpool video game studio

Sony Interactive buys Liverpool video game studio

The PlayStation creator is expanding its video game development capabilities

Liverpool, the game studio behind major titles such as The Player VR, The Persistence and The Playroom, will now be owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, as the company said it has plans to acquire it. This would be one more game studio that would join Sony’s extensive portfolio, which has always been responsible for bringing extreme quality to all its users.

There is no doubt that Firesprite will come to play a relevant role in strengthening Sony’s catalog of exclusive games, especially because of its solid track record of developing showcase games for the PlayStation console and peripheral releases. With this, we could see many genres that are not usually seen in PlayStation Studios’ core offerings. Sony has long worked hand-in-hand with Firesprite in order to get games developed for the PS4 and PlayStation VR launch, including The Playroom and The Playroom VR, respectively.

“We are delighted to welcome Firesprite into the PlayStation family,” said Sony president and CEO Jim Ryan. “We have a rich history of working with the founders of Firesprite and are excited to grow the PlayStation presence in Liverpool. The portfolio of titles Firesprite has developed has continually demonstrated the team’s ability to transcend traditional gameplay experiences and brilliantly showcase the potential of our hardware.”

On the other hand, Hemen Hulst, director of PlayStation Studios, says that Firesprite has always been at the forefront of the way it operates, and this will enable it to raise the bar even higher as part of the PlayStation Studios family. Under the terms of the acquisition, it was stated that Firesprite will continue to be managed by Firesprite’s current management team for the day-to-day operations of the studio.

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