Sony has a plan to change video game violence forever

Sony has a plan to change video game violence forever

A new Sony patent reveals how the company envisions creating future violence in video games

The controversy and debate generated around violence in video games have always prevailed over the years. Intense supernatural deaths in the “Mortal Kombat” series are just one of the clear examples of this type of violence that has left a lot to talk about. While some believe that this type of format in video games is a reason to pause, others like the idea that they are still relatively far from reality. However, this could all change after the publication of a new patent by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The patent named “Simulating Motion of Computer Simulation Characters to Account for Simulated Injuries to the Characters Using Current Motion Model” went live on September 7. The idea of the patent is to make the effects of in-game violence on computerized characters feel and look much more realistic. According to the patent, injured characters in games are often animated using “‘injury’ animation sequences that are separate from the motion model used for non-injured characters.” However, with the implementation of this patent, Sony’s idea is that the injured model and the uninjured model are one and the same, which makes the reactions more realistic and provides a better user experience.

With the patent, Sony essentially seeks to implement adverse effects on the injured character model. This can be noticed both in the way a character is controlled and in the visual cues. “An injury to a leg may be emulated by assigning feet a heavier weight or by depriving the player of control over the leg. The facial reaction of the game character may change to emulate pain or distress,” the patent application states, outlining some of the ideas for how these effects may be felt or seen during gameplay.

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