Someone broke into and posted a message asking for Bitcoin

Someone broke into and posted a message asking for Bitcoin

It’s believed that as much as $17,000 was donated before the hack was discovered is recognized for being one of the first websites that have existed in relation to the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). It has long served as an excellent platform for sharing the latest updates generated around this digital currency and the space in general. However, its security has been breached by online fraudsters, which caused the site to go down for a few hours.’s anonymous curator, Cobra, announced yesterday that the famous website had been compromised, as hackers managed to breach its security levels and post a scam warning on the site. “It looks like got hacked and the entire site replaced with a scam asking for free Bitcoin. Do not send funds to that address,” Bitcoin developer Matt Corallo reported on Twitter.

Following this, Namecheap made the decision to temporarily deactivate the website, although it appears to be back up and running now. Prior to taking this action, several users of the platform alerted that was displaying a fake classic gift advertisement. Although there were many people who immediately realized that something was wrong with the ad, many others fell into the trap, which led to the scammers allegedly collecting a total of $17,000, which was sent to their addresses.

Once was deactivated, Cobra suggested that the hackers exploited a DNS flaw, but at the same time made it clear that’s Cloudflare accounts and servers were not compromised. Controversy has been a part of this website after self-proclaimed BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto abandoned the community less than ten years ago, leaving the code to BTC developers. Since then, the website has changed ownership several times.

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