Rapper Ja Rule now has his own cryptocurrency and NFT marketplace

Rapper Ja Rule now has his own cryptocurrency and NFT marketplace

The NFT space continues to draw a massive amount of attention from celebrities

The growing list of rappers and Hip Hop artists getting involved in the world of cryptocurrencies now needs to give Ja Rule a space. Ja has long shown a keen interest in the crypto universe and has now decided to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace called Flipkick.io with engineer James Cropcho and entrepreneur Robert Testagrossa. Ja’s intention is to create a platform for celebrities and artists like himself to have the opportunity to profit from the NFT craze. Earlier this year, the Murder Inc. rapper sold a Fyre Festival painting for more than $120,000 in cryptocurrencies, and a few months later signed a deal with startup Roll, with Ethereum being the basis of the deal.

Since then, the rapper has been recognized for having strong ties to the crypto world and has now wanted to increase his efforts through his new site. During an interview, the multi-platinum recording artist explained that his first introduction to NFTs was with NBA Top Shot. “I started collecting Top Shot NFTs and I didn’t even realize they were NFTs at the time,” he added. “I just thought they were like the new digital sports cards.”

Ja said the creation of the platform was a great idea, especially after having the opportunity to team up with Cropcho and Testagrossa. “It’s just a smart thing to be able to authenticate physical artworks cryptographically and let these amazing artists be able to enjoy the fruits of their work and it was never possible before in the past. So, I really applaud what Flipkick is as far as the physical NFT space,” Ja said.

Ja says he is equally fond of both Bitcoin and Ethereum and even went so far as to say that digital currency is the obvious next step in the economy. He claims to have his own cryptocurrency, and that although he has not yet decided to launch it, it is definitely ready to go live.

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