PETA wants Nintendo to add its video game character to Smash Ultimate

PETA wants Nintendo to add its video game character to Smash Ultimate

The animal protection organization makes a strange request of Nintendo

It’s not uncommon to see different game companies looking to see their star characters and mascots have a part in Super Smash Bros. However, PETA is now demanding that Nintendo add its bizarre “Not a Nugget” chicken to the game as DLC (downloadable content). PETA has been known for quite some time for always swiping from Nintendo games, for its own ends; however, now it seems it is putting that aside to make its strangest demand to date.

PETA is reportedly urging Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai to add “Not a Nugget” to the game as DLC, and even created a website similar to Smash’s to host its request. “PETA suggests that ‘Not a Nugget’ could use various accompanying items, such as spinach and tofu, available to restore a character’s damage meter; a stun gun repurposed from a slaughterhouse worker to fire deadly bolts of electricity at enemies; and a terrifying grinder, like the ones used by the egg industry to grind up male chicks, to send rivals fleeing,” the organization wrote in a press release.

Joel Barlett, PETA’s VP, said the move would make sense for the game. According to him, the “Not a Nugget” mascot could become a vegan wit, weapons, wings, and fuel to battle it out on the Smash field, while reminding people that chickens are not food, but rather animals that would have a large 3-D presence. “We hope Nintendo will jazz up its game by adding our fluffy foe of animal exploitation to the fray,” he added.

Whatever PETA’s efforts, many believe it is highly unlikely that Nintendo will meet its request. Still, this is one of the strangest DLC suggestions around, and it’s very likely that no other proposal will surpass it for the rest of Smash Ultimate’s history.

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