Ohio not likely to see sports betting before the next Super Bowl

Ohio not likely to see sports betting before the next Super Bowl

The Buckeye State is becoming more sluggish with its legalized sports betting efforts

Despite various efforts in the state of Ohio, it appears that the sports betting market will not open its doors in time for this year’s Super Bowl, a leading advocate of the legislation said in an interview. Many bettors in the Buckeye State would have hoped that this would not be the case, but they will have to wait another season to see if they have the opportunity to bet on their favorite team in this and other famous sports.

In an interview earlier this week with SpectrumNews1, State Senator Niraj Antani said, “Unfortunately, at this point, I’m not hopeful we’ll be able to get it done by the Super Bowl.” Antani is known to be a staunch supporter of sports betting; in fact, he is the main sponsor of the legislation that received the green light in the state Senate earlier this year. “Hopefully by Christmastime, we’ll have this legalized and by the first of April, maybe by March Madness, you know, we will be able to place the first bets in Ohio,” he added.

The news is definitely a bitter pill to swallow, especially since the state seemed to be one of the most promising for legalized sports betting when this year began. Many efforts were being made to make it a reality, including the creation of a select committee for the sole purpose of drafting legislation on the subject. In March, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said he hoped to put his stamp on sports betting legislation this year, but it doesn’t look like that’s coming. “Sports betting is already happening in Ohio. Ohio is just not regulating it,” DeWine said at the time.

It’s still unclear what kind of machines in bars will allow sports betting to take place, and that’s part of why it’s being delayed. While advocates want red keno machines to be limited to traditional sports bars, others want them to be available in additional locations such as bowling alleys. Lawmakers said there are a number of issues holding up the legislation, not just the kiosks. David Corey, executive VP of the Bowling Centers of Ohio Association, put the odds at “50/50” something would get done this year, but he wasn’t overly optimistic.

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