New Infamous game could be revealed by Sony at this week’s PlayStation Showcase

New Infamous game could be revealed by Sony at this week’s PlayStation Showcase

The Showcase is coming this Thursday, and Sony is reportedly dropping some big news

The highly anticipated PlayStation Showcase event will be held by Sony this Thursday, and it is expected that different games for both PS4 and PS5 will be revealed. With just a couple of days to go before the event takes place, it is common to see different rumors start to flourish, and many fans are placing their bets on what exactly will be the games that will be part of the showcase list. While it’s true that many are suggesting that a new God of War game will be one of the titles to be shown, others are very confident that a new Infamous title could be among the most significant reveals. This is, perhaps, one of the many reasons Sony is hyping the upcoming event.

Leaker Shpeshal_Nick has always been known for leaking video game news quite accurately, and he has said that there is a possibility that Infamous could make a major comeback on PlayStation consoles, and that has many fans excited. Still, Nick has said that expectations shouldn’t be too high, as while he knows it would be great news, he hasn’t really been able to verify the claims. GamesRadar, for its part, feels very optimistic about what Nick indicated, and the platform said that there could be a lot more to this rumor than meets the eye.

The fact that Sony has renewed the Infamous website domain in 2020 makes this new rumor even more powerful and meaningful. On top of this, you have to remember that Sony has made it clear on certain occasions that it doesn’t intend to retire the Infamous IP, so, it makes sense to think that the open-world superhero franchise will make its return at some point. However, it doesn’t exactly have to be at Thursday’s event.

The Infamous franchise has been dormant since 2014, with The Infamous: First Light standalone expansion being the last time the series has been seen. At the time, it was one of PlayStation’s most hyped series, and many are claiming that its return could have the same impact, if not more.

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