Five ways to win more money at Texas Hold’em

Five ways to win more money at Texas Hold’em

Simple shifts in how players approach the tables will have them winning more

Every poker player has to have a clear objective; to be the best at the table in order to take home as much money as possible. Unfortunately, achieving this is not an easy task and many players have to spend hours practicing and studying the game in order to achieve any kind of success. For this, there are also the different strategies that can be employed to improve the Texas Hold’em winnings, depending on the situation you find yourself in. Not all of them have to be related to each other; however, if you manage to learn them thoroughly, it is possible that you will always leave with a smile on your face every time you finish a day of poker.

For starters, it is suggested to use hands not made with backdoor flush draws for bluffing. If at some point you get to have an unpaired hand with a backdoor flush draw, you should definitely consider placing a bet, provided that you have the respective initiative to do so. This strategy increases your chance of success when you have position over your opponent.

Also, be sure to check and raise more frequently from the big blind. If your opponents don’t get a degree of pressure from your check-raises, you are making their bets much more profitable than they should be, and this is clearly not the idea. Try to apply this strategy, especially when you notice that a player is constantly making reckless c-bets with too many weak hands.

Keep in mind that pocket pairs and suited connectors are profitable in multi-way pots. Hand pairs are known to be extremely strong multi-way pot hands, so don’t be afraid to take a chance if you have a hand like this in a similar situation. Also, never be afraid to check-raise with draws after calling a 3-bet. Playing too passively out of position after calling a 3-bet is detrimental to your win rate and here you are looking to make money, not lose it.

Finally, consider overbetting when you have the “nut advantage.” In a scenario like this, don’t hesitate to put a lot of chips in the middle of the table. Overbets work well on boards that favor your rank over your opponent’s rank, especially when only you are able to hold the strongest hands.

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