Drew Brees weighs in on what he thinks of the New Orleans Saints’ new QB

Drew Brees weighs in on what he thinks of the New Orleans Saints’ new QB

The Saints’ former QB likes what he sees in Jameis Winston

It’s no secret that Drew Brees’ comments about the new New Orleans Saints quarterback are more than relevant. Brees was a crucial piece to the team through this position for a number of years, which makes him knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the team and how a true quarterback should operate. After Jameis Winston’s performance last Sunday, Brees decided to share some thoughts, which were clearly positive.

Neither Aaron Rodgers nor the Green Bay Packers, in general, could stand up to the great skills displayed by Winston in Sunday’s game. New Orleans crushed Green Bay, 38-3, blowing away all pregame predictions. While it’s true that Winston didn’t throw for a ton of yards, he really was a key player, racking up five touchdowns to earn the crushing victory.

Once the game came to an end, Brees applauded Winston’s performance. Via NBC, Brees said of the new quarterback, “I guess, apparently, this is what the Saints have been missing.” Although the comment was more in jest, Brees has made it clear that he is pleased with the performance of who has taken his place for the year, and that he hopes the team can continue on that course in the upcoming games.

Winston, for his part, was happy to see the team get off on the right foot and said, “Coach says all the time that we’re in a race to get better.” Still, the professional player is very dismayed with what is happening in the home state of New Orleans, adding, “We are going to celebrate this game today, but there are people dealing with way worse than me right now. There are still people in Louisiana without power. I’ll probably reflect on it after our season is over, but right now we have to keep getting better. There are some things that I won’t like when I watch the film tonight, so we still have to get better.”

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