Details of settlement between OJ Simpson and The Cosmopolitan revealed

Details of settlement between OJ Simpson and The Cosmopolitan revealed

OJ Simpson had sued the Vegas casino for defamation, but isn’t happy with the results

It appears that, after a recent defamation case filed by OJ Simpson, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas “settled” for nothing. This was confirmed through certain court documents connected to legal action taken by Ron Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman. The Goldman family’s idea was to recover any compensation the Strip casino had given to the former football running back.

Both Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman were killed in mid-year in 1994. Although the former star was acquitted of those murders at the time, he was later found responsible for Goldman’s death in a civil trial. That being the case, Simpson was ordered to pay a total of $33.5 million to the family in damages. So far, Simpson has only paid about $133,000 and the amount owed has accumulated about $25 million in additional interest alone.

Two years after being released from a Nevada prison for armed robbery, Simpson sued the Strip casino in 2019. According to his allegations, he had been defamed when he was thrown out of the Cosmopolitan for being “drunk and disruptive,” and word was leaked to media outlet TMZ. Apparently, these claims by the casino were not correct, as Simpson was screened for drug and alcohol use the day after the alleged incident as part of his probation conditions, and he passed. Otherwise, it was likely that Simpson would have spent another 24 years in prison.

In response, and emphasizing his legal history, the Cosmopolitan’s lawyers argued that it could not have damaged Simpson’s reputation because it was already tarnished enough. They said casinos have the legal right to evict whomever they want, whenever they want. Knowing that Simpson was not being held liable for the agreed-upon fine, Goldman filed a motion requesting that the Cosmopolitan pay the settlement payments directly to Goldman’s attorneys, which was granted.

Two days ago, a Las Vegas judge accepted the casino’s argument that it owed the Goldmans nothing (any money awarded to Simpson would have been used to settle the Goldman claim) because the undisclosed amount in the settlement was exactly zero. At the same time, the Cosmpolitan asked to be absolved of any future legal action related to the case.

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