Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints happy to be home after latest win

Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints happy to be home after latest win

The Saints are finally able to head back to New Orleans following Hurricane Ida issues

It seems that this season has been full of ups and downs for the New Orleans Saints; however, many of the players, especially running back Alvin Kamara are happy and satisfied to come home victorious. The Saints’ game against the New England Patriots yesterday was a breath of relief again for the Saints season, as they came out on top with a score of 28-13.

Gillette Stadium witnessed a great performance from Kamara during yesterday’s game, who has proven to be sharp for weeks. Kamara wasn’t looking for some kind of revelation by any means. While he may have had a quiet game after the loss a week ago to the Carolina Panthers, he had already started the season off on the right foot by racking up 91 all-purpose yards in the Week 1 win over the Green Bay Packers. He was simply ready to go home. “I’m ready,” he said to the media after the game. “Right when I get done with y’all, I’m about to go get on the plane.”

So far, the Saints have two wins and just one loss, which to many has also been a bit surprising, given the various hiccups the team has had this month. In addition to having several injured players and having an absent coaching staff due to COVID-19, the Saints were evacuated due to Hurricane Ida just a few days before their first game. This caused them to not be able to start playing at home as planned, but even so, the team has shown incredible resilience and has fought against any odds.

“I’d rather be in New Orleans,” Kamara said at the time. “I feel like we’ve got a close locker room regardless of whether we’re locked in a hotel or at home in New Orleans in our regularly scheduled program. I don’t really care for the Dallas thing, TCU, and all that.” Kamara hopes to return home and find a win again when they face the New York Saints on October 3.

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