Shopify to allow NFT shops on its eCommerce platform

Shopify to allow NFT shops on its eCommerce platform

NFTs make it to Shopify as demand continues to be strong

There is no doubt that over the last year non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have reached a level of popularity that perhaps not many people would have imagined in the past. Fortunately for NFTs, and those that offer them, this trend could be on the rise even further after Shopify Inc. announced a move to facilitate sales.

Many people have opted to want to get a wide range of NFTs as they include memorabilia from important moments in different entertainment industries and others. As if their popularity was no longer skyrocketing, Shopify decided to pave the way last week for merchants on its platform to have the opportunity to sell NFTs directly if they so desire, keeping in mind that there is a very high demand in crypto marketplaces currently.

According to what Shopify CEO Harley Finkelstein announced via Twitter last week, the company’s idea is to score points with its merchants by giving them more control over the sale and its respective customer relationship. Shopify has served as the perfect all-in-one eCommerce platform for people who want to start and manage a new business. The company has always been known for its great innovations to make commerce a totally new and unique experience, and there is no doubt that including an NFT in the catalog of available items is a clear example of this.

The Ottawa-based company has every intention of expanding the accessibility of NFTs, such as being able to use credit or debit cards for their respective purchase. It is quite possible that NFT will see another explosion of growth, especially after being included in a company that supports more than 1.7 million businesses worldwide.

“Everyone likes convenience, and Shopify makes it easy for people to buy NFTs,” said Merav Ozair, an assistant professor of FinTech at Rutgers Business School who specializes in blockchain technology. “NFTs will become more and more widespread because of Shopify’s existing customer base.”

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