How to avoid trouble in blind-vs-blind battles in Texas Hold’em

How to avoid trouble in blind-vs-blind battles in Texas Hold’em

The ranges in blind-vs-blind hands are much wider than in most other situations

In poker, there are many moments that cause great excitement, and a clear example of this is when there is a blind-vs-blind game. In a situation like this, there are quite wide ranges, and the opportunity to have a hand-to-hand battle with the opponent sitting next to you. Even if you think that in a scenario like this, you have everything under control, there are certain factors that can be decisive to come out victorious, and that is why you have to know how to avoid problems in blind-vs-blind battles. To develop a superior Texas Hold’em strategy, it’s important to be better prepared than your opponent.

In order to be completely sure that your skills are the ones that really count in a moment like this, you have the possibility to mix an aggressive strategy with a bit of psychology. The most interesting thing about blind-vs-blind is its dynamic, which is based on totally different strategies on the part of the players involved. Many fail to understand that position is a key point here, thus losing many chips in the process. If you have a clear understanding of the position, you will be able to build a profitable blind-vs-blind strategy.

In order to build a proper decision-making process, players use all the information available to them. If your position forces you to act first on every street, your opponent will have the information of any decision he or she makes, which is a great advantage for him or her. If you are in the small blind, try to have a more careful and tight strategy. The only advantage with the small blinds is that you can take the initiative by raising openly. Having the initiative can be a very useful tool, as long as it is not countered by your opponent.

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