The New Orleans Saints now have a ton of salary cap space compared to other NFC teams

The New Orleans Saints now have a ton of salary cap space compared to other NFC teams

The Saints started the offseason short on salary cap room, but are now in better shape

The New Orleans Saints have shown how with great effort, you can go from one extreme to the other. During the offseason, this team had major salary cap issues, so much so that they had to restructure contracts and lost a couple of important players. However, recovery has been part of their strategy. With great effort, the Saints finally managed to clear the 2021 salary cap. Moreover, not only did they manage to relieve themselves, but they did it with flying colors.

According to Over The Cap, the Saints rank 15th in the entire league, with $11,379,424 in open salary-cap space. However, if this is translated to last season’s NFC playoff teams, the Saints actually rank number two. No doubt this is a huge improvement after being considered one of the worst teams when it came to the salary cap a few months ago.

Many pundits are wondering what the Saints’ goal is now knowing that they have all this unused cap space. Many believe they should enter the free-agent market in order to acquire talent with years of experience that may be at a discount. Adopting a model similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers when they decided to sign former Chargers pass rusher Melvin Ingram and former Cowboys offensive lineman Chaz Green. Both were great choices as they are adding experienced depth to their roster.

While you may think the Saints have a great team for this season there are still some vulnerabilities. For example, they didn’t have a defensive tackle even before David Onyemata was suspended for six games, and they still don’t have a player who inspires confidence to start at the corner opposite Marshon Lattimore. While the options available may not be for the long term, they can capitalize and improve quite a few areas.

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