Sunday Recap: Whoa, that was epic

Sunday Recap: Whoa, that was epic

If you’re reading the Sunday Recap a little later than normal, it’s probably because our writer was so blown away by what happened last night, he had to pause for several hours to catch his breath.

Miss it? We’ve got your recap for Sunday, July 18th right here.

$200,000 GTD Sunday Special

The Sunday Special once again lived up to its hype, with 1,528 entries bumping up the prize pool to a ridiculously big $305,600. Your top three:

1) Shady OC -> $57,452
2) ROIKING69 -> $35,602
3) RobertTrump -> $24,600

$250,000 GTD Warm Up

We really should have firefighters on standby for this one, because once again, the Warm Up was on fire. We saw 3,329 entries fuel the prize pool to $332,900 Your top three:

1) StompingBugS -> $39,949
2) Allrounder44 -> $25,300
3) FreeTupan -> $18,076

$200,000 GTD

There are no guarantees in life. Except for the first two tournaments we featured in the Sunday Recap. And the $200k GTD, which also saw a sky-high prize pool. We’re talking $305,000 thanks to 305 entries. Your top three:

1) Im_Just_a_Nit -> $56,101
2) Dogerson -> $36,462
3) Rickit -> $25,818

$150,000 GTD

Talk about a showstopper! The $150,000 GTD was once again an unbelievable nail-biter until the end, with 1,195 entries fighting until the bitter end for a piece of the $239,000 final prize pool. Your top 3:

1) DonMario -> $36,148
2) LeanPortman -> $22,346
3) SmallRock -> $15,523

$10 Million Venom starts Friday with Day 1A
Win your way into our biggest tournament ever and be a part of history. There’s a qualifier with your name on it!

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