Silver Star Hotel & Casino employee learns his fate for stealing from his employer

Silver Star Hotel & Casino employee learns his fate for stealing from his employer

A casino employee avoids jail time, but will have to pay back the $11,000 he stole

On certain occasions, many people would think that the threat always comes from the outside, without even thinking that people in your own circle are robbing you. In casinos, it is usual to see reports of robberies, violence and other types of incidents caused by visitors, but this time the management of Silver Star Hotel & Casino at Pearl River Resort realized that a former employee was stealthily stealing money from them.

The former employee was sentenced yesterday to five years’ probation and ordered to pay back the total of nearly $11,000 he stole from the Indian Country gaming establishment, Acting U.S. Attorney Darren J. LaMarca said. According to court documents in the case, Reginal Brown, 36, who used to work as a waiter at the Silver Star Hotel & Casino, over a four-month period in early 2016, had been using his own password on several occasions to steal approximately $10,800 from cash recyclers at the facility. After doing the accounting due diligence, casino management noticed several discrepancies with the results. After making use of video surveillance cameras in the cash recycling area, they saw how Brown was the one who took fistfuls of money that eventually exceeded $10,000.

After being reported to authorities, Brown was interviewed and immediately confessed to taking the money. A federal grand jury indicted Brown on one count of robbery at the Silver Star Casino and he subsequently pleaded guilty in April 2021. Acting U.S. Attorney Darren J. LaMarca stated, “Federal law imposes severe penalties for crimes committed at licensed gaming establishments. The great potential for misconduct in these environments requires constant vigilance and self-discipline by those entrusted with the operation of casinos.”

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