Netflix is ready to bring video games to its streaming platform

Netflix is ready to bring video games to its streaming platform

The video game streaming space is about to get more competitive

Little by little, Netflix’s commitment to video games is taking shape. In May, it was first announced that the American giant was looking for a senior position with experience in the electronic entertainment industry. Now that it is known that Mike Verdu, former director of Electronic Arts (EA) and Facebook, was hired at Netflix to represent the vice president of video game development, everything seems to be taking shape.

Not only great series, movies and TV shows can be enjoyed on this platform, but now it will be filled with space for video games, an industry that simply does not stop growing. According to reports, Netflix could start including video games in its catalog starting next year if everything goes according to plan. These games could be presented within the platform’s catalog as if they were a new genre, similar to what Netflix did with documentaries or monologue specials. In addition, it has been made clear that they would not involve an additional cost for users of the service.

Within Facebook, Verdu has worked as one of the top managers of virtual reality content for the social network’s Oculus devices. Also, within EA, he had worked on titles such as The Sims, Plants vs. Zombies, or several games of the Star Wars franchise. This only indicates the great experience behind the gaming stalwart and the great contribution he can give in this new and great project at Netflix.

At the moment, there is no confirmed title, but everything points to the fact that Netflix will have both its own production based on its original series and movies, as well as video games developed by third parties that will be available on its platform. It would be a similar model to the one that already presents its series and movies.

With a subscriber base of more than 200 million users, the potential of its entry into the video game industry is immense. However, Netflix may suffer the same fate as other big names in the world of technology and content since not even Google or Amazon have managed to succeed in this world. It is just a matter of waiting to see what the response will be.

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