Michael Thomas isn’t as strong for the New Orleans Saints anymore, according to ESPN

Michael Thomas isn’t as strong for the New Orleans Saints anymore, according to ESPN

The wide receiver loses a couple of spots in ESPN’s NFL performance rankings

The NFL is in a period where many analysts and critics are starting to give their views, comments, rankings, etc. This is mainly due to the fact that the 2021 season is about to start and being able to have a clear picture makes it even more interesting. The New Orleans Saints and their respective roster have been a target of many lately. Saints’ wide receiver Michael Thomas is no longer at the top of the charts, according to ESPN.

Going through different injuries makes it difficult for the athletes at different times to return to 100% of their capabilities. In the case of Thomas, it was quite difficult for him to bring his dominant presence, which has been usual for him. When it comes to giving him a spot in the top ten receivers, ESPN ranked Thomas at number eight, a pretty bitter pill to swallow after being ranked number two in 2020. “Perhaps Thomas, our No. 2 receivers last year, can reclaim a top spot, but a bizarre year of injuries and declining production resulted in a free fall in the rankings,” ESPN said in the statement.

After a year of leading the NFL in yards per reception with 1,725, and also being widely praised for setting the NFL record with an otherworldly 149 total receptions, in 2020, his production was no longer as extraordinary, and much of that was due to a constant battle with injury. He went on to simply get 40 receptions for 438 yards and no touchdowns, something that was definitely not common for this player. It was definitely not the performance that many people expected from one of the top threats that can be found in the league; not even he would have expected to have ended the season that way.

It is expected that the player has already gone through a recovery process during this period so that he can come back in this new season and show the community once again why he was once considered one of the best receivers in the NFL.

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