How to mix up your poker game to confuse opponents

How to mix up your poker game to confuse opponents

Varying your game will make it difficult for other players to read you

Just as you have to mix the ingredients to make a good recipe, so must you mix your style of play in poker in order to be successful from time to time. If you keep a consistent routine in the way you play, there will come a time when it becomes very easy for your opponent to read your next moves. Clearly, that is never ideal when sitting at a poker table. If you have reached a certain level of skill sufficient to implement different Texas Hold’em strategies, mixing up your style of play should be one of them.

With this, you will be able to consciously confuse all the opponents around you while adapting to the game at hand. During cash games, it is usual to see how players will play a tight-aggressive style (TAG), but if you are one of them, it is recommended to relax a bit depending on the situation. If, on the other hand, you consider yourself more of a loose aggressive poker player (LAG), then ideally you should tighten up a bit. Otherwise, your reputation could be jeopardized and you may find yourself with more action than necessary. This will lead to many opponents constantly calling you when you have a hand.

Once you get deeper into the game, it’s time to mix things up a bit. In other words, put a little more pressure on similar deep stacks, but at the same time react to the players who put the same pressure on you. Remember that, at the end of the day, the intention is to put your opponent in an uncomfortable situation, where he or she has no clue what your next move will be.

Always keep in mind the dynamics of the table, especially when it comes to the higher stakes. If you manage to arrange everything in your favor, you will always get special opportunities to mix up your style of play. You will also be able to exploit the perceptions that others have about you every time you decide to play poker.

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