Final tourney to become the ‘Next Moneymaker’ finishes first day

Final tourney to become the ‘Next Moneymaker’ finishes first day

Yesterday wasn’t just another regular Sunday at Americas Cardroom. That’s because we started the multi-day final tourney for the ‘Next Moneymaker’ promotion.

This promo began on April 12th and was made to welcome our recent ACR Pro addition, the legendary Chris Moneymaker. 360 players qualified for the multi-day final tourney just by playing in 1 cent poker tourneys. And the ultimate winner will become an ACR Pro and win a $105,000 sponsorship package that includes $25,000 in cash, and $40,000 in live tourneys and online poker buy-ins.

Those 360 players competed yesterday and at the end of the day, 73 advanced to Day 2, which takes place this Sunday, July 18th at 1pm ET. Here are the chip leaders:

1) ac17 (5,559,186)
2) psycho29rus (4,513,150)
3) McFloppity (3,392,240)
4) fredo0207 (3,240,927)
5) traffe211 (3,208,429)

This is a very unique promotion as players aren’t just getting rich, like in the Venom. The extra allure is that a player will become an ACR Pro and get all the trappings that come along with it like wearing the ACR Patch at marquee live events and hob-knobbing with poker greats around the world.

You can feel the excitement from competing players who are loving the opportunity to be alive in this tourney like MightyMau5 (@EddieTowne23), who currently sits in 50th place (784,134 chips).

After the tourney this Sunday, eight players will advance to the final table on Sunday, July 25th. The winner will get that $105,000 package and Moneymaker himself will be one of the live commentators on Twitch.

For more info on the ‘Next Moneymaker’ promotion, view the promo page here.

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