Crypto experts expect Bitcoin to replace fiat within 20 years

Crypto experts expect Bitcoin to replace fiat within 20 years

More currency insiders see a strong future for Bitcoin looking into the future

It has been almost 13 years since the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched. Since then, its trajectory has had different ups and downs, but it is undoubtedly a space that is much better positioned today than it was back then. Although it is no secret that Bitcoin prices have seen considerable drops recently, experts remain optimistic that the world’s largest cryptocurrency will change the future of how money is managed within a couple of decades.

According to a new survey conducted by personal finance comparison platform, at least 50% of respondents believe that, by 2040, Bitcoin will have overtaken fiat money. In other words, it will replace all central bank-issued currencies. says the report is based on a panel of 42 cryptocurrency experts and is a clear indication that the long-term outlook of crypto professionals has not been at all affected, even when there have been significant drops in the price of Bitcoin lately.

According to the survey results, half of the experts are hopeful that Bitcoin will reach such a level that it outperforms global finance and, for that to happen, only 20 more years are needed. In other words, it would take almost 35 years from launch for the cryptocurrency to take over the way finance is managed. Other experts are even more optimistic, saying that this could happen before 2035, while more than 40% predict that Bitcoin will never have enough to position itself in such a way.

Recently, El Salvador and its president Nayib Bukele had announced the adoption of Bitcoin in the country, and this could be quite an important turn in the legal course of crypto. There are many criteria and forecasts that are currently being handled, but only time will really decide how this issue will evolve.

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