Candace Parker becomes the first female on the cover of NBA 2K video game

Candace Parker becomes the first female on the cover of NBA 2K video game

The WNBA star is making history on and off the court

The cover of the NBA 2K video game has finally been printed with the presence of a woman. Candace Parker, a professional basketball player with the WNBA and, from a very young age, a fan of video games. Now, excelling in both, she is being recognized for her great potential and has become the first female to appear on the cover of the NBA 2K game.

As planned, the Chicago Sky star is expected to appear on the cover of “NBA 2K22” for the special 25th-anniversary edition of the WNBA when it launches on September 10. This may be something that wasn’t in her plans, but that certainly makes her very happy and flattered.

“I grew up as a video game fan, that’s what I did, to the point where my brothers would give me the fake controller when I was younger, where I think I was playing and I wasn’t,” Parker said. “All I wanted to do was be like them. When you’re a kid, you dream of having your own shoe and you dream of being in a video game. Those are the dreams of an athlete as a kid. To be able to experience that, I don’t take it lightly.”

The experience this professional has been gaining has increased over the years, and that has made her love the sport even more. She indicated that she might not have appreciated such an opportunity at the beginning of her career when she started in the WNBA more than 12 years ago. “I think when you’re young and you experience this kind of thing, you’re on to the next thing,” she said. “As I got older, I really enjoyed the moment.”

This is clearly a stage that many athletes go through, and while being featured on a cover isn’t as important as winning a season with your team, it definitely fills you with pride because it indicates that you’ve done things pretty well. Parker now joins the female powerhouse who at one time or another have had a big appearance on a major cover. Such was the case with Shawn Johnson who was in a Wii “Gymnastics” game in 2010, and Jelena Dokic was in a tennis game in the early 2000s.

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