Benedict College in South Carolina to offer an eSports Major curriculum

Benedict College in South Carolina to offer an eSports Major curriculum

The HBCU is the latest to recognize the future of the eSports industry

The eSports-based industry is growing and growing, giving it professionalism of such a level that even Benedict College in South Carolina now wants to formalize it in some way. The idea is that students can obtain the necessary tools so that they can be recognized within the industry at a more professional and educational level, something similar to any other career that exists in the market today.

Benedict College students can now opt to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management this fall. In order to accomplish this, a new major of required core classes will be implemented that will address topics unique to eSports and sports management. eSports will be part of the Department of Health and Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) in the School of Education, Health, and Human Services.

Being able to provide these types of degrees to students who intend to lean into this growing industry adds extra value full of knowledge that could help them develop and become key players in the industry, whether it’s being a top player or a successful entrepreneur of a new eSports organization. “Benedict College has been carefully monitoring this growing industry, and our industry forecast was a key motivator in establishing the program,” said Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis.

She adds, “We believe our students will become leaders and decision-makers in the emerging eSports ecosystem. They will master a combination of skills related to planning, organization, management, budgeting, and marketing. They will not only be the BEST at gaming, but also the BEST at game design and management.”

As time has gone by, the new and innovative activities carried out in this space have gained too much popularity and this makes more and more students feel interested. The HPER Department has already been working hard for some time on this academic program that focuses on gaming culture through eSports. The school has partnered with Blaze Fire Games to make the certifications a reality.

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