Akshan won’t be included in the 2021 LEC Summer Split

Akshan won’t be included in the 2021 LEC Summer Split

The new champion won’t be able to appear following a community vote

It seems that, after an official announcement, it has been said that fans will not be able to enjoy the presence of the new League of Legends champion in the European professional eSports scene for the time being. According to yesterday’s announcement by Maximilian Peter Schmidt, European eSports director at Riot Games, Akshan will not have a chance to be considered for the LEC playoffs. According to the established LEC rules, a new champion released “in the patch used during the playoffs will be restricted.”

Knowing this, it would mean then that the Rogue Sentinel is not invited to the party taking place next week. Schmidt made this clear via a Tweet that reads, “As per @LEC rules, Akshan will be disabled for the Playoffs, as he will be released in the Playoffs patch. We asked all teams if they wanted this to change given that Akshan will be available at Worlds, which the vast majority of teams declined.”

Perhaps the decision may have been different if the teams had expressed their support, but this was not the case. Akshan has yet to be seen having a competitive play, but he appears to be underperforming in the solo queue. Reportedly, Riot has already taken it upon itself to issue two micro patchers and thus have a much improved mid laner. The first one is said to arrive right after his release, while the second champion perk arrived two days ago, which increased his attack speed per level and Q damage to minions.

Still pending is the announcement by the LCS on whether Akshan will be disabled for the playoffs, which will start next Friday, August 7.

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