100 Thieves take down Team Liquid in Week 7 of the LCS Summer Split

100 Thieves take down Team Liquid in Week 7 of the LCS Summer Split

100 Thieves continues to show its strength in the eSports universe, despite a small glitch

Last Friday had not ended so well for 100 Thieves, who had to swallow a bitter pill after suffering a horrible loss to Dignitas. Although they are considered the number one eSports team in all of North America, they were simply in a game where they were not able to show why they are at the top of the rankings. It was a team totally baffled by the wonderful power that Dignitas was able to throw into the game. However, redemption came a day later when 100T faced Team Liquid.

100 Thieves managed to pass over Team Liquid without any problem whatsoever. Their winning streak was renewed, bringing their 2021 LCS record to 26-12. Still, it was reportedly a close game at different times and each team had its respective ups and downs. However, 100T did not want history to repeat itself, and losing two in a row is definitely not something that was ever in their plans.

As such, they managed to make sure that Liquid did not leave this game with a victory, and did everything possible to crown themselves as the winners. No major fights could be highlighted at the beginning and middle of the game, but it was noticeable how Liquid, incredible but true, was behind in the objectives at the end of the game, and this was precisely what made them deviate from the lane and lose the ultimate goal, the victory.

With this result, and even with the stone on the road last Friday, 100T continues to consolidate its leadership in the LCS Summer Split 2021. The weekend was full of surprises and that is precisely what fans like the most because even if you are the most prestigious team in a specific region, it does not mean that victories will always fall from the sky, and that puts more excitement to an eSports competition.

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