Nevada to implement new regulatory controls for its eSports market

Nevada to implement new regulatory controls for its eSports market

A newly-approved law, after a few adjustments, provides better guidance for eSports

Nevada, besides being a state where the best casinos in the country abound, also has a large eSports presence. Because of this, Nevada State Bill 165 has been introduced, which is under the creation of state senator Ben Kieckhefer. The idea is to use this bill as a bridge to help boost economic development in the state, and, after receiving some significant changes, it was given the green light by Governor Steve Sisolak.

The changes made were forced mainly because video game publishers and tournament organizers had made it clear that they did not want any regulation for the industry. These people are currently led by the trade group Entertainment Software Association (ESA), whose position seems to be quite firm. The original idea of the project was to create an Esports Regulatory Commission, something that would function similar to the Nevada Athletic Commission, which is in charge of licensing and regulating different sports that take place in the Silver State. However, this idea was changed before the vote and, instead of being a regulatory commission, it is now a technical advisory committee that would work under the auspices of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Its main objective, therefore, is to provide improved advice and best practices when it comes to eSports-related betting.

To this day, it has been reported that the ESA has been in a constant battle to keep government regulations from being enforced, including involvement in a US Supreme Court case ten years ago against the state of California, due to a bill that sought to add labels to rated video games. “The original proposals would create a whole new regulatory body that was clearly unsettling, primarily for video game publishers,” Kieckhefer said. However, opposition reached such a level that publishers and tournament organizers had threatened to keep events out of Nevada and Sin City and that caused the original ideas of the bill to be retracted.

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