How to excel at poker tournaments through four simple tips

How to excel at poker tournaments through four simple tips

Making four minor adjustments to your poker game can have big rewards

Having the right tools when playing poker is essential, especially when you find yourself playing in the middle of a tournament. Generally, the chances of winning a tournament decrease as the number of opponents increases, since this means that there are more opponents you have to beat to take home the prize, so make sure you don’t make the common mistakes that many beginners make. A winning Texas Hold’em strategy may have a lot of components, but four simple tips will go a long way.

When starting a tournament and during the first stages, always try to be as tight as possible. While it is true that you may have a lot of chips and, therefore, have the luxury of seeing more flops in the hope of making a big profit, this is not a good enough excuse to be betting on every hand that comes your way. Many novice players tend to play too many hands in the early stages of the tournament and that leads them to make big mistakes. Try not to be one of them.

If you can keep a steady pace during the game, rev it up once antes arrive. Once you get past the first few stages, most tournaments start to introduce antes. These are forced bets that each player must put into the pot before the hand begins, and it is precisely during this situation that you have to extend your ranges and play looser before the flop. This is when the stacks are usually deeper and that indicates that there are more chips to be taken.

Remember that aggressive play should always be part of your strategy throughout the tournament. Generally speaking, the player making the bets is the one that usually takes the lead of the table and the one most likely to make a deep run.

Finally, don’t make a mistake in the size of your bets in the later stages of a tournament, because it can result in a lot of losses. Whether you have lost or won, always keep a cool head until the final stages so you can go home with pride.

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