Hackers break into Electronic Arts, steal game source codes

Hackers break into Electronic Arts, steal game source codes

The video game publisher is reeling after having had its IP stolen

One of the most relevant video game publishers worldwide has just had an attack on its systems after hackers managed to break into them. Electronic Arts (EA), being one of the most powerful companies in the video game industry, was not able to ban unwanted intruders from its systems. Because of this, it has been reported that several source codes used in the company’s games were stolen without warning, according to CNN Business yesterday.

After an independent cybersecurity expert conducted reviews and examinations, it has been shown that, on June 6, several hackers reported how they were able to obtain at least 780 gigabytes of data from EA. The theft included the source code for Frostbite, which is the game engine required to power FIFA, Madden, and the Battlefield series of video games, among others. The hackers had no problem claiming to have committed this cybercrime and offered “full exploitability across all EA services.”

In addition to this, it appears that the FIFA21 and FIFA22 games could also be compromised, after the hackers agreed to have stolen software development tools and the server code for player matching, respectively. Brett Callow, Emsisoft’s cybersecurity expert and threat analyst, made it clear that EA’s business may now face serious downside, as source code theft is not something that should be allowed to go unchecked. “Source code could, theoretically, be copied by other developers or used to create hacks for games,” he said.

A spokesman said the company is aware of the problem, and although the incident was serious, players’ privacy does not appear to have been compromised. EA, in the aftermath, has begun implementing security improvements and is working hard to bring this ongoing criminal investigation to a close.

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