A video game based on Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo reportedly in the works

A video game based on Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo reportedly in the works

63 years after the movie was first released, it will be immortalized in a video game

Perhaps many of the young gaming population is not at all familiar with Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Vertigo; however, every time you hear that a movie is being translated into video game format, the curiosity to know how the title will look like is increasing. Even people who were fans of the movie are venturing into that journey. Over the weekend, French video game publisher Microids announced that Pendulo Studios, best known for such titles as Yesterday, Runaway and Blacksad: Under The Skin, has taken on the task of developing a game based on Alfred Hitchcock’s visual masterpiece.

Unlike many other direct adaptations, the game appears to be loosely inspired by the film’s sample artwork and will have as its main jib to allow players to “immerse [themselves] in a psychological thriller of a new kind, playing with the boundaries between reality and fantasy,” according to Xbox. This 1958 classic now arrives 63 years later to promise a pretty cool plot, following Ed Miller, a writer who is supposedly traveling with his wife and daughter when they all get into a pretty bad car accident, which is a bit different from the story originally told in the movie, but just as interesting.

Miller is the only one found, but he claims that his family was with him at the time of the incident and there is when a descent into madness begins. According to Vertigo’s Steam listing, the game gives players the ability to “experience a powerful storytelling experience that pays homage to the visual and narrative techniques of the suspense genre, investigate through the vision of three characters, and explore various timelines to verify events and separate reality from deluded memories.” Previews of the game were reported to be coming soon, but at the moment there is no exact release date for Vertigo.

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