A chicken nugget that looks like an Among Us video game character just sold for a massive sum

A chicken nugget that looks like an Among Us video game character just sold for a massive sum

An eBay user pays almost $100,000 to buy a chicken nugget from McDonald’s

Sometimes there are things whose value could never have been imagined by many people. Such was the case of the price reached by a simple McDonald’s Chicken McNugget. According to what is reported, the famous product of this fast-food chain has the appearance of a character from the video game “Among Us” and, because of that, its price went from $0.99 to $ 99,997 before being sold at that price.

This happened after the McNugget was placed by US seller Polizna on the online auction site eBay. As if the price reached at the end of the day was not enough, it has also been reported that a total of 180 bidders fought a monetary battle to see who would take it home. During an interview, Polizna said the chicken nugget had an “unmistakable correlation to the real character, even including a strange bulge in the back that would represent the backpack.”

Without having sky-high expectations, Polizna had made it clear that he intended to make around $50, but clearly, this figure multiplied exponentially. Polizna and many others could never have imagined that a McNugget would be purchased for nearly $100,000, but to the vendor’s good fortune, there were nearly 200 people willing to pay enough to become the new owner of a product that is consumed by millions of people every day.

The news reached such a level that even the Twitter accounts of Among Us and Xbox also joined the trend and published that the sale was taking place, something that even they did not believe. Among Us, an online multiplayer game was launched three years ago, and since then, its popularity has been constant in many countries. Undoubtedly this sale will go down in history and will give even more recognition to the game created by the American studio Innersloth.

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