The trick behind knowing how to read poker hands

The trick behind knowing how to read poker hands

Properly reading poker hands is a skill that takes a while to master

Among one of the greatest skills and techniques that can exist in poker is hand reading. There is no doubt that, if you are able to figure out the mystery behind this poker strategy, you could take your poker game to the next level. It will definitely give you more important wins and a great advantage against all your opponents.

Roughly speaking, you must first understand that “hand reading” describes the scientific process of trying to figure out what kind of hand your opponent has. It has long been said that this mysterious strategy is a skill that only great poker players have been able to decipher and may require many years of practice. The term, as such, should not be confused, although many people believe that hand reading is to give us a specific hand of the opponent. However, in reality, it is a range of possible hands that he could have.

It is well known that, for example, in Texas Hold’em, there could be up to a total of 1,326 combinations, and it would be practically impossible to guess which one your opponent has in his or her and. However, it can be deduced as the game goes on, especially after the preflop betting round. To illustrate this, imagine a player opening raises from UTG (under the gun). It is quite possible that he will have less than 15% of those possible 1,326 pre-flop combinations, a number that then changes drastically. Not all action types reduce that range by the same percentage, but it will always be considerable.

As the game goes on, the process of deduction continues and you have to pay attention to every detail. Being able to understand which cards do or do not make sense as part of your opponent’s line is critical. Start by being able to decipher your opponent’s tells and signals to add value to your hand reading and you will see how you will gradually get the practice you need to shine like a rock star at the poker table.

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