The New Orleans Saints are in the top 50 of the most valuable sports teams in the world

The New Orleans Saints are in the top 50 of the most valuable sports teams in the world

Forbes has released a new list of sports teams’ values and the Saints are in good shape

A list of the world’s most valuable sports franchises was recently announced, and the New Orleans Saints took their respective place in the Top 50. The late Tom Benson, who was a local car dealer in the New Orleans area, had purchased the team for a reported $70.2 million in 1985, but by the time of his death three years ago, the team was valued at $2 billion, experiencing steady growth shortly after his waiter Gayle Benson (who also owns an NBA franchise, the New Orleans Pelicans) took over.

According to reports shared by Forbes, the Saints are currently valued at $2.48 billion and, because of that evolution, the Black and Gold could easily rank 46th overall. At the NFL level in net worth, the Saints are ranked 25th, which is still quite surprising, as it is clear that the team had gone through some downturns during this off-season. In their respective division, the Atlanta Falcons are at the top of the list, with a total valuation of $2.875 billion, while the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers took fourth place, with a value of $2.28 billion.

The overall list had a variety of sports, with the Dallas Cowboys taking the top spot with a value of $5.7 billion and MLB New York Yankees coming in second valued at $ 5.25 billion, followed by an NBA team (New York Knicks) and two teams of soccer (Real Madrid and Barcelona). This list also drew a lot of criticism as several top listed teams have not won a title for several years, which caused many analysts and pundits to have their say, especially when today’s big-name teams did not make that high.

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