Phoenix Force emerges on top of the Free Fire World Series finals

Phoenix Force emerges on top of the Free Fire World Series finals

The most-watched eSports event has concluded with a clear winner

The Free Fire World Series 2021, considered one of the most important events of Free Fire Esports, has come to an end, and many surprises have been left in the journey. Let’s start with the fact that this tournament is the most-watched eSports event in the world. The attention of the eSports community to this event is something out of this world, and so it was that Phoenix Force has become known as the undefeated champion, showing which team is the one that cannot be stopped and that its power has a fairly advanced level.

Phoenix Force has only just broken into the Free Fire battlefield and is already wreaking havoc every time it faces opponents. It seems that it had no difficulty in defeating them one by one, and were making its way to the top and crowning themselves as the innate champions. The skills demonstrated by the team were quite curious and this led them to emerge as the winner.

All this was noticed very early on when during the first three games of the finals, the team was able to take three consecutive booyahs, something that would seem to be mission impossible for any other team that was participating. Being a record-breaking tournament in the eSports ecosystem with respect to its audience, it goes without saying that its cumulative prize pool was also insane. All 12 teams had to give their best to take home the trophy, and part of the $2 million dollars at stake. The Thailand team was undoubtedly the one that took home the largest portion, $500,000 dollars, adding to that the glory of a championship title in an event that is becoming more and more prestigious.

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