Nvidia continues to make it hard on cryptocurrency miners with additional GPU limitations

Nvidia continues to make it hard on cryptocurrency miners with additional GPU limitations

The company doesn’t want its equipment used for cryptocurrency mining

Nvidia, one of the giants in the graphics card industry, has said that the hash rate limiter currently included on its RTX 3060 graphics cards would also be introduced on other RTX 30 series GPUs. This announcement was shared yesterday, and the company made it clear that its newly manufactured GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070, and RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards will now also have a reduced Ethereum hash rate. The goal of the limiters, according to the company, is to discourage cryptocurrency mining.

In order to give proper identification to these new models, a “Lite Hash Rate” (LHR) label will be added to graphics processing units (GPU). Reportedly, the main goal of these is to focus on their target customers rather than on satisfying the needs of crypto miners. Since the first creation of its GPUs, this has always been the intention, and Nvidia doesn’t want to change its position now.

“This reduced hash rate only applies to newly manufactured cards with the LHR identifier and not to cards already purchased,” said Matt Wuebbling, global director of GeForce marketing at Nvidia. “We believe this additional step will get more GeForce cards at better prices into the hands of gamers around the world.”

After Nvidia limited the hash rate on some of its older GPU models a while back, it reported earlier this year that mining performance was reduced by 50%. Many users believe that, with this news, the incentive for Nvidia buyers to immediately resell their GPUs to crypto miners for profit will be reduced, and that leaves several concerns. Prince FA, a user of the computer news site, VideoCardz, said, “Miners won’t be enticed to pay the current crazy prices for half the profitability.”

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