More poker vocabulary to have you talking like a star

More poker vocabulary to have you talking like a star

Add more poker terms and phrases to your vocabulary to show you know what you’re doing

Additional poker terminology is constantly arriving to add to your weekly knowledge. It never hurts to learn these terms so you can look like a star when playing at the tables with the pros.

The draw is the hand that needs additional cards to become a winning hand Favorite is based on odds alone, most likely hand to win. A Free Card makes reference to a betting round where all players have checked, thus allowing the next community card to fall without anybody putting any money in the pot. Flop is the first three community cards dealt face-up on the board, while Preflop is the action taken before the flop. Late Position is most likely the final third of players to act in a hand. Look Up means to call somebody, as in “I’m gonna look you up.”

No-Limit poker is when a player may bet any amount of chips up to and including everything he has in front of him or her. The Position refers to the player’s relative position to the player who acts last; in flop games like Hold’em and Omaha, the position is usually considered relative to the button.

Pot is the sum total of all antes, blinds, and bets put into the center of the table during a given poker hand. It is the pot for which players are competing to win. Premium Starting Hands reference holding among the best starting hole cards. For example, in Hold’em, premium starting hands include A-A, K-K, Q-Q, and A-K, and possibly A-Q and J-J, as well. Hi/Lo games also have low premium starting hands of their own. In these, holding perhaps A-2-3-5 as a starting hand in Omaha Hi/Lo is strong. A raise is adding more chips to another player’s original bet to make it more expensive for other players to continue to play for the pot, while reraise is raising another player’s raise.

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