Fortnite is getting a new character as Beast Boy from Teen Titan makes an entrance

Fortnite is getting a new character as Beast Boy from Teen Titan makes an entrance

The DC Comics character will now be available as a skin in the wildly popular video game

Being able to have your own appearance as a Fortnite character must be a privilege and it seems that Beast Boy, a DC Comics character, is the latest to achieve this goal. According to an announcement that was shared yesterday, Beast Boy will now have his own skin in the world-renowned video game and is expected to be introduced by the end of this week.

Beast Boy will not come alone, but will also include a video game controller and a touch of pizza, a purple and green beak and a built-in emote that will transform the teenage titan into his green gorilla form. Players will have two options when it comes to choosing Beast Boy’s outfit, one with the character in his more casual street clothes and the other with his respective Superhero costume, which includes Garfield Mark Logan. There is no doubt that this addition would be very welcome by the fans and players of the community, and that is why a Young Titans Cup will be held the day before its release as a form of celebration.

This would be the perfect opportunity for all those interested in the look to get it for free if they perform well during the event. Players who at least achieve a score of eight points will be able to receive an exclusive Beast Boy and Raven loading wallpaper, while just for playing at least one game, they will be awarded a Beast Boy & Raven Spray. Fortnite never ceases to surprise its fans. The fact that they have included Beast Boy indicates that future announcements could be the same or even better, considering that this character was not among the several masks leaked during the Epic Games/Apple test earlier this month.

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