eBay wants to block auctions of “adult-oriented” video games

eBay wants to block auctions of “adult-oriented” video games

The online auction and sales platform is making sweeping changes to its policies

Online auction retailer eBay has already been one of the longest-running sites, and its great consistency in delivering the best possible service has made its market leadership one of the most relevant over the last few years. Every so often, policy changes are sometimes necessary and, according to indications, the latest modifications implemented by eBay will make it more difficult to sell “adult” products, including video games aimed at this part of the population.

Strictly adult-only video games tend to be a bit more distinct than others, and, while selling them has proven to be quite feasible, eBay no longer wants to have any sort of relationship with these products. eBay’s new “Adult Items” policy is what the change in these business practices is based on, and while many may think that the new policy only prohibits the sale of typical pornographic material, it’s actually a deeper issue. The policy states that not only will video games marked as adult-only be removed for sale, but anything containing nudity or “displays of sexual activity” will also be completely removed from the site. No matter the format, if it is in the form of legible or visible media showing intimate body parts, it will be removed.

It should be made clear that these new measures could face certain complications, especially in the international market. Depending on the country, the same video game may not have the same type of classification, and the terms of censorship strictness vary depending on the regions. As an example of this, there is Funcom’s Conan Exiles, which in Europe, presents full-frontal nudity, but not so in North America.

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