Coinbase introduces a new portal designed to fact-check cryptocurrency news and rumors

Coinbase introduces a new portal designed to fact-check cryptocurrency news and rumors

The crypto exchange believes it and the crypto space have been unfairly attacked in the press

It seems that more innovations are coming to Coinbase’s services and this time it is to continue to keep the company’s name high. Via the company’s blog, CEO Brian Armstrong officially announced the launch of what he calls “Fact-Check,” while expressing the exchange’s desire to combat false claims directed at Coinbase and the crypto industry as a whole.

Over the past few years, Coinbase has been the target of many accusations, and with this idea, it is looking to be able to have a backup that can clear up any doubts or false indications that arise in the future. Armstrong said, “We will use this section of the blog to combat misinformation and mischaracterizations about Coinbase or cryptocurrencies that are shared around the world.”

The post was subtitled “Every technology company should speak directly to its audience and become a media company,” which Armstrong suggested elsewhere in the article is not too difficult. “Whether traditional, social or corporate media, we are all writing words on the Internet,” he pointed out. According to what is stated in the article, it is very likely that in the future, this type of fact-checking will translate to some form of decentralization; however, for the time being, the fact-checking will focus primarily on writing articles with the goal of responding to any misinformation that is expressed against Coinbase. This means that it will now have a way to defend itself against any point of view in its own words so that the audience and the cryptocurrency community can understand more clearly what is really going on and not start to have misconceptions or false expectations of Coinbase.

A company’s reputation can take years to build, but only minutes to damage. Coinbase does not want to let this happen anymore. It wants to make its full transparency clear to the public.

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