Video game developer Atari is getting into blockchain as it pushes its Atari token

Video game developer Atari is getting into blockchain as it pushes its Atari token

Atari gets in on the NFT craze to protect its intellectual property

Video game giant Atari continues to update and innovate in order to continue to have a strong presence in the growing video game industry. As proof of this, it was announced yesterday that Atari is now including a blockchain division within its operations to be able to link game development with a cryptocurrency that gamers could use to be able to make purchases of items and such.

The idea of being able to use this blockchain technology is to give value to cryptocurrencies and other non-fungible tokens (NFT) in order to make them impossible to duplicate. In a press release, Atari made it clear that it is looking to leverage its “Atari token,” which could work perfectly to pay for different items under its own “Video Computer System” console. However, shortly thereafter, the company stated that it also wants to expand that token to other platforms, such as third-party games and applications.

The company explained, “Atari will also continue to evaluate opportunities in blockchain gaming, NFTs, and blockchain-based online worlds, the immense possibilities of crypto and blockchain-enabled games.” The statement also explained that there would be a possibility that the new division could be converted into a separate entity with independent listing rights, but that process could take some time before it becomes a reality.

Atari, launched in California more than 50 years ago, has prevailed in the industry in a big way, and even when it nearly went bankrupt in 2013, French firm Ker Ventures, owned by Frederic Chesnais and US fund Alden came to the rescue. Now it is looking to merge with another industry of great power, such as cryptocurrencies, in order to continue having the expansion that has characterized it for decades.

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