Veronica Brill not done with Mike Postle as she goes after legal fees

Veronica Brill not done with Mike Postle as she goes after legal fees

The legal saga over alleged poker cheating refuses to go away

When all the controversy surrounding Mike Postle seemed to be over, there is still no turning the page because the disputes continue and the famous lawsuit is still bringing several consequences. It seems that Veronica Brill is now using her rights to ask Postle to pay for all the legal fees she had to incur to defend herself against his defamation lawsuit, even though he dropped it earlier this month.

After Postle withdrew the lawsuit, Brill was still left with an outstanding bill to pay and she does not intend to put a penny out of her pocket. According to reports, Brill is seeking up to a total of $78,600 in damages, which she had to pay in order to properly defend herself. Keep in mind that she was not the only one sued, and with nearly a dozen other people going down the same path, it is possible that Postle’s pocketbook could end up hurting more than it started out with. The $330 million that Postle was seeking for defamation was undoubtedly an act of bad faith. The alleged cheater tried to find every means to scare the poker community, but after not getting enough help and having his lawyers abandon him, it seems to have backfired.

Todd Witteles, another of the defendants, is now also asking for the sum of at least $43,000 and, if Postle doesn’t pay up, it is very likely that he will be in a courtroom once again. The entire matter had been officially dismissed last week and Judge Shama L. Mesiwala confirmed that both defendants have all the power and right to seek their legal fees if they so desire. Marc J. Randazza, Brill’s attorney, explained, “California law is very clear on this. If you file a SLAPP suit and try to cut and run after being hit with an anti-SLAPP motion, you are considered the losing party and have to pay the prevailing party’s fees. Now, he doesn’t even have a prayer of being the prevailing party.” Such appears that Postle now has no escape on this one.

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