Sony brings artificial intelligence to customized video game play

Sony brings artificial intelligence to customized video game play

A patent filed by Sony shows more emphasis being placed on AI in the video game industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been of great relevance to the development of many innovations in technology. There is no doubt that in the field of video games, AI has played a very important role, especially in order to improve the players’ experience. It seems that great entertainment company Sony is very aware of this. That is why it recently announced that, through a published patent, it has managed to implement AI so that users of the company’s video games have an easier time customizing their characters.

This new AI program will be able to collect user profile data in order to learn personal traits and give a more realistic touch to the desired character. The idea of the program is to be able to assign a game profile to the user, including a game style that simulates how humans would play the game in real life, providing a unique and unparalleled experience. Based on the play style of each user, the profile will adapt to it, and processes will start to become automated. Once all of this is completed, the AI begins to take control of the first game application so that the process is essentially automated and the user can receive extra help during the game.

As a result, it is very likely that this method of assisted play will now be of great help to all those users who were having a hard time reaching objectives. The AI character can now basically play as the human player, providing an additional set of tools to gamers. This new program can now join the systems that Sony has patented in the past that also aim to help the user on Play Station 5, including the chatbot for processing voice commands and the audio assistant that helps users complete objectives.

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