Nevada casinos are reportedly less than two months away from returning to full capacity

Nevada casinos are reportedly less than two months away from returning to full capacity

Nevada’s governor is optimistic about the state’s COVID-19 recovery and is ready to lift restrictions

The sight of an empty casino has definitely been one of the biggest frustrations Nevada has received since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Millions in losses and gaming venues without gamblers have been a common factor for more than a year now. Fortunately, these could be slowly changing, especially after the announcement shared by Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak, this past Tuesday. It is understood that the governor is hopeful and confident that the state and its casinos can make a comeback, so he intends to lift much of the restrictions and protocols and plans to reopen “fully” on June 1.

After several talks with health officials, Sisolak will lift the social distancing mandate as of May 1; however, this does not mean that the use of face masks will not be mandatory. The Governor indicated that face masks “are still the best tool we have to prevent the spread.” Currently, Nevada’s casinos are operating at 50%, but that is about to change.

This decision comes thanks to the large vaccination process in Nevada, which makes the governor feel more relaxed and at ease. While 40% of Nevada residents age 16 and older have started the vaccination process, 25% are fully vaccinated, which is a major breakthrough for the state. Much of the older adult population has also begun the vaccination process, and, according to Sisolak, as this progresses, confirmed cases of COVID-19 will decrease dramatically.

Sisolak has expressed his pride in the Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB), showing great efforts to establish vaccination sites at gaming properties, with the goal of keeping all workers protected. “A safe and responsible reopening is the way forward to get our economy back on track,” added Sisolak.

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