Microsoft to give video game developers a larger piece of the action

Microsoft to give video game developers a larger piece of the action

The tech giant is going to take a lower percentage of sales on video games for its platforms

Perhaps the work of developers in big-name companies sometimes goes unnoticed; however, it is obvious that they are an important part of the creation of games, services, platforms and more of daily experiences for many. That is why Microsoft, as a gesture of gratitude for their enormous contributions, has decided to increase the percentage of income that developers get from the sales of video games through its application store. The amount will jump from 70% to 88%, and this measure will be effective as of August 1.

It is clear that, with this decision, Microsoft seeks an environment of harmony for both users and game developers, as it wants to ensure that this list of workers does not leave the store that comes in the Windows 10 operating system. The company increasingly receives more revenue from video game content, and it is clear that it prefers that this remains healthy and what better way to do that than having all parties involved happy.

In the first quarter, “Xbox content and services” revenue grew by about 34%, which still makes sense as many people continue to stay at home and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Even as Microsoft continues to release its own video games, it wants to continue to give third-party developers the opportunity to showcase their capabilities through their creations in the company’s store.

This new measure comes after Windows Central reported that Microsoft intends to revamp its Store app for Windows 10, along with more lenient policies. Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s corporate Vice President said, “Having a clear, no-strings-attached revenue share means developers can bring more games to more players and achieve greater commercial success in doing so.”

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