Fortnite eSports heavyweight Cooler Esports announces closure

Fortnite eSports heavyweight Cooler Esports announces closure

The eSports club with a strong presence in Fortnite calls it quits due to COVID-19

Very bad news has hit the eSports world after Cooler Esports, the eSports organization with great Fortnite prowess, announced that it will no longer be continuing operations as of yesterday. This organization is based in London, but definitely not only fans in Europe will be sad, as worldwide it could also be a big disappointment for the community.

“Sadly, today will be the last active day of Cooler Esports as we close our operations after lengthy consideration. We have unfortunately reached this decision due to financial reasons, accelerated by COVID-19”, read the official statement.

Since this organization was founded three years ago, the goal has always been to become great tournament competitors, taking home as many trophies as possible and showing the community what they are made of. In 2019, its popularity took a big boost due to the great performance that Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen and David “Aqua” Wang had to crown themselves as champions of the Fortnite World Cup, an event of great weight for the whole community worldwide.

Cooler’s success since then had not let up one bit as it continued to have a strong lead in Cash Cups, FNCS, and LAN events, which made its fan base grow rapidly. It is understandable that after being financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is almost impossible to continue running an eSports organization, especially one of this great caliber. With the arrival of this news, many of the club’s players are now looking for a new home.

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